Well, it's now official...

I now present to you:

Calvin William McFly

Now here is a list of all the twins I've had Marty McFly with:
Marty McFly Jr ~ Marty's future son
Alex Keaton ~ my favourite crossover character from Family Ties
Calvin McFly ~ Marty's identical twin brother (in Twins Universe)
Martin McFly ~ Seamus' brother whose death Marty has prevented
Marty McFly of Hell Valley ~ The Marty McFly of most of my universes is more or less the same. However, this one had a drastically different upbringing in a different world.
Artie Klein ~ Marty's identical twin brother in a future AU story, where Calvin Klein is their father.

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Femmephobia: Summed Up Succintly

Femininity is not in itself a bad thing. The problem is when it’s made compulsory for one gender, and denied to any other.

There you've got it, in a nutshell. To argue otherwise is to be femmephobic.

P.S. Here's a heartening forum topic regarding the controversy of whether or not boys can wear pink. Other than the OP, everyone else in the topic saw no harm in letting boys wear pink and/or like other "girly" things.

Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven Privilege

Since getting more into feminism and other equal rights advocacy, I've been seeing all these privilege checklists - in which a bunch of them are linked to on Amptoons. This doesn't mean that people who are privileged should feel bad or guilty, or even that being unaware of their privilege necessarily makes them bad people. Rather, this means that it's easy for people who are in a majority group to take for granted that they are the majority. As such, it's easy to see leveling the playing field as being an attack on them - when, in actually, it's giving minority groups a chance to be heard and respected.

Such as, for example, some Conservative Christians have an issue with salesclerks saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" during the holiday. They're so used to their religion and their holiday being widely accepted and celebrated that they see recognizing other religions with their own holidays as being an attack on their religion - as opposed to, you know, recognizing that other religions besides Christianity do exist... and that followers of other religions have just as much right to have their religion be recognized and acknowledged. It's not telling Christians to stop observing their faith - but, rather, it's telling Christians to step back and allow followers of other religions just as much freedom to observe their faiths. And I'm saying all of this as someone who does celebrate Christmas.

Well, when it comes to the Led Zeppelin fanbase, there is a group of fans that have a privilege that other Led Zeppelin fans don't have. Specifically, I'm referring to the fans whose favourite Led Zeppelin song happens to coincide with the band's most well-known and highly-esteemed hit... that being Stairway to Heaven. Now, I'm not saying that these people are wrong for considering Stairway to Heaven to be their favourite song. After all, we all have a right to our opinions.

However, the problem I have is the fact that some (not all) of these fans... Well, they seem to have a bit of difficulty accepting that maybe not every Led Zeppelin fan does like Stairway to Heaven the best - or, in fact, even like Stairway to Heaven at all. And, yes, it is possible to like Led Zeppelin without liking Stairway to Heaven. After all, Led Zeppelin has over eighty different songs to choose from - and it is okay for a Led Zeppelin fan to not like each and every one of them.

The great thing about Led Zeppelin is that they have experimented with many different styles. It's kind of like Led Zeppelin's music catalogue is one big buffet - and you may not necessarily like every single item that the buffet contains. It doesn't mean that, just because you don't like one item on the buffet - even if the item is widely regarded as being the best - that you can't choose from myriads of other options. That's the great thing about individuality and variety. You have the option to choose what you like, and leave the rest - and you don't have to like something, just because it's popular.

The fact is, most Led Zeppelin songs don't sound a thing like Stairway to Heaven. Just because you don't like Stairway to Heaven - it doesn't mean that you can't like Achilles Last Stand, Kashmir, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Whole Lotta Love, That's the Way, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Hats Off to (Roy) Harper, All My Love, D'yer Mak'er, Misty Mountain Hop, Hey Hey What Can I Do, or (my personal favourite) Over the Hills and Far Away. Each of these listed songs showcase different styles that Led Zeppelin have experimented with, and not one of these songs sound a bit like Stairway to Heaven - except for, well, Stairway to Heaven. To claim to somebody cannot like one of these other fine songs by Led Zeppelin, if they don't like Stairway to Heaven, is to be simply closed-minded and arrogant.

The bottom line is, I'm not saying that people can't like Stairway to Heaven - or even that they can't like it the best. I'm just asking for these people to recognize that, perhaps, some people enjoy Led Zeppelin because they enjoy some of the other songs that Led Zeppelin has recorded. Stairway to Heaven is not, never was, and never will be the end-all/be-all of Led Zeppelin's catalogue. So, please, do not assume that someone who enjoys the works of Led Zeppelin is necessarily going to be a huge Stairway to Heaven fanatic. When you watch a video on YouTube from a user listing their top favourite Led Zeppelin songs, and you see that Stairway to Heaven does not top their list - please, do not start bitching at them. There is no rule that states that liking Stairway to Heaven is a prerequisite to liking any other song that Led Zeppelin has recorded. Besides that, there are plenty of videos lists on YouTube (some not even Led Zeppelin specific) that have Stairway to Heaven topping the list. You should be happy about that, instead of bitching at people who dare to prefer some other song by Led Zeppelin.

The fact that there are people who are so used to seeing Stairway to Heaven being number one almost all the time - and, yet, they still take exception to the few occasions that it's not number one - that's Stairway to Heaven privilege. All I ask is for these people to step aside, and allow the opinions of those of us who prefer other songs by Led Zeppelin to be heard. Nothing more.

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, bttf4444 sent to me...
Twelve pgsmfreaks drumming
Eleven extasy93s piping
Ten same-actor crossovers a-leaping
Nine hoverboards dancing
Eight twins a-crying
Seven fanfics a-writing
Six deloreans a-reading
Five ha-a-a-air bands
Four family ties
Three foo fighters
Two time machines
...and a post-grunge in a harmony.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Writer's Block: Seeing stars

Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

For me, the answer is easy! I'd definitely go with Martin Seamus McFly. We both love rock and roll music, and he's such a fun-loving and sensitive guy - even though he can also be badass, when necessary.

Just To Organize My Stories A Bit::

Trilogy Universe:
What Has Happened Will Be
Cowboy Marty
A Witch In Time
A Night With Friends
Back to the Future IV
The Family Secret (crossover with Father Universe)
The Glorious Christmas of Narnia (in progress)
Ripple To The Future
A Tale of Martin McFly
Blast to the Past
Like Father Like Son
Future Tense
Down With Big Brother
Psychedelic Psummer
Family Feud
When Realities Collide
Time Switched
Doc's Greatest Hero (possibly)
I Enjoy Being A Doc
The Missing Link
Back to the Beginning (in progress)
Cosmic Baby
The Way We Could've Been
That '70s Story
The Prized Time Capsule
The Magic of Christmas
In Character
Trapped In Dreamland
Time Travel Heroes
Let Freedom Ring (in progress)
Reality Escape
Virtual Reality
Daredevil Brown (to be written)
What Is and What Should Never Be (to be written)
The Girl of My Old Home (in progress)
The Great Chase (in progress, collaborative project with EmmettMcFly55)
A Delightful Dimension (in progress)
A Movie Like No Other
Crossover #2 with EmmettMcFly55 (to be written)
Bill and Ted's Atypical Expedition (in progress)
Like Mike
Back to Reality
Family or Foe
Confessions A Rock Star
Spin City/Family Ties Crossover (to be written)
Future History
Marlene's Christmas Carol
It's A Harmonious Life
The Family Man

Twins Universe:
The Junction Point
Twins In Time
A New Life
Best Friends Forever
Mind Locked
Double Trouble

Newlyweds Universe:
New Beginnings
Back to My Youth
Back to His Youth
Blast From the Future

Almanac Universe:
The Hell Valley Trials
The Great Escape
The Great Discovery
The Life of Calvin William McFly
Twenty Years After
Dreams Can Come True
Dazed of My Youth (in progress)
Some Time Same Place (in progress)

Parker Universe:
Alternate: Part One
Alternate: Part Two
Alternate: Part Three
Cowboys and Fairy Princesses

Haven Universe:
The Next Generation: Part I
The Next Generation: Part II (in progress)
The Next Generation: Part III (to be written)
As You Wish
Haven Universe Chronicles

Lone Pine Universe:
History Repeats Itself
Teen Wolf Marty
Altered Identities

Gravestone Universe:
It's Deja Vu

Twin Pines Universe:
A Ticket to the Movies
Forward to the Past (to be written)

Father Universe:
I'm My Own Father
The Family Secret (crossover with Trilogy Universe)

Trilogy Hole Fillers:
Filling in the Holes
How We Fell In Love
Journey to the Future
Alternate 1985: Jennifer's Side
A Day of Cosmic Significance
The Legend of Clint Eastwood
The Son I Know
The New Boy In Town
Old West Crisis (to be written)
How It All Started (to be written)
Wonderful New World (to be written)


Steps to Success ~ The early days of George and Lorraine, after The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.
As It Began ~ The first official meeting of Doc and Marty, in 1975.
My Son, Marty ~ When Calvin Klein's prediction comes true.
Marty and Jennifer Forever ~ A collection of stories detailing Marty's and Jennifer's relationship.
Looking Up ~ Six characters reflect on their lives, the night before their seventeenth birthday.
Memories ~ what October 25th may have been like in the improved universes.
Marty Wept ~ collection of trilogy vignettes, AU vignettes, and one Twin Pines story.
Return to School ~ stories detailing Marty's first day back at school after the fateful weekend from various universes.
Marty's Torment ~ collection of stories involving Marty being relentlessly tickled on the soles of his feet.

The Great Surprise ~ Marty discovers that he has a new name, and his brother has his old name.
Turmoil of the Mind ~ supplementary fic for EmmettMcFly55's Heaven or Hell Universe
A Dog's Life ~ a non-serious story of Einstein's adventures in 1985 A

Okay, just a few items to mention:

1. What was formerly A Very Colourful Christmas has been renamed The Magic of Christmas.
2. Separated By Time, which I wrote for smudge_pot is now a part of the Trilogy Vignettes collection.
3. As You Wish should be in the Haven Universe section, even though most of the story will occur in the Lone Pine Universe.