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bttf4444's Journal

Marty McFly Fan
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My Real Person Stories:
Altered Identities: Marty McFly and Michael J Fox (from the "real world") switch places.
Warped: Michael J Fox (from the "real world") ends up in the BTTF Universe in 2020.
Like Mike: Marty McFly meets Michael J Fox of the BTTF Universe.
Precious Little Girl: Michael J Fox visits a little girl who was abused by her mother.
Michael's Torment: Michael J Fox is tickled relentlessly on the soles of his feet.
Michael's Bad Day: Michael J Fox is lambasted by the whole cast of Family Ties.
In Character: Michael J Fox meets Marty McFly and Alex P Keaton in a beautiful countryside.
An Attack of a Thetan: Michael J Fox is feeling restless, because he's attacked by a body thetan.